Resistance to Guidance: Why Sales, Coaching, and Leadership Practices Falter

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Do you know what’s stopping you or your company from making the changes necessary to have more success? Or why prospects aren’t buying something they need? Or why clients aren’t adopting the changes they seek? The problem is resistance. And as change agents we’re inadvertently creating it. Change requires that a complacent status quo risk […]

Miscommunication: The Reasons, The Cure, The Prevention

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Have you ever been absolutely certain you heard someone say something they later claim they didn’t say? Or inaccurately interpret requests from your spouse or colleagues when you could swear you’re right and they’re wrong? It’s interesting how mutually defined words end up causing such havoc. Spoken language is a mutable translation system – a […]

Motivation Is An Inside Job

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Why do we do what we do? What causes us to succeed, fail, procrastinate? Is it our environment? Our biology? Our New Year’s resolutions? There’s much debate why our motivation goals fail and how to resolve them. I believe we’re addressing the wrong issues. WHY PROMOTING BEHAVIOR CHANGE CAUSES RESISTANCE Everything I’ve read on resolving […]

Boredom: A Route To Creativity

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We live our lives, these days, with continuous stimulation – on-demand access to movies, articles, friends, books, games and music. With all possible, all the time, how can we hear ourselves think long enough for new and creative ideas to emerge? I don’t know about you, but my mental commotion from a week of stress […]

On Becoming 69 by Sharon Drew Morgen

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Today I turn 69. As I look back over my life I feel quite gratified that I have used what I was given to make this world a better place. But I was merely following directions. Let me explain. By any objective standard, there was no path from where I started to being an authentic […]

Diversity And Bias: How to Hear ‘Different’ People Differently

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We all recognize diversity is important yet difficult to attain. We recognize that with diversity we’re capable of creating all that’s possible; without diversity we limit who gets heard, who gets to lead, what knowledge we deem important, what we teach our children. Indeed, mis- and underrepresenting categories of people cost an unimaginable price in […]

Assumptions: Why Being Right Is Wrong

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While researching my new book What? I discovered that when listening to others, we naturally assume we understand what’s meant and don’t question our assumption. Yet the filters our brain uses to hear what others mean to convey preclude accuracy, leading to faulty assumptions. Essentially, here’s what happens that makes accuracy so difficult (for more […]