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What Is change And Why Is It So Difficult? (Part 2)

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Change is not the problem – we like doing new and different things. What we don’t like is the disruption change causes. And usually, we attempt to create change by pushing new information – new activities, new ideas, new rationale – into what’s already there and hoping the reasoning behind the change request will carry […]

Two Cold Call Case Studies

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#1 C: Hello, Sharon? Joe from Mimeo calling. How you doin’ today? [I assume he was attempting to be intimate, not knowing that anyone intimate with me would never call me ‘Sharon.’] SDM: Do you know if that’s my correct name? C: I do know. It’s your name. SDM: Really? Are you absolutely certain? C: […]

Social Listening: Are We Really Hearing Our Customers

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Currently we’re merely listening for what we want to hear, thereby restricting the full potential of social listening. As more than merely a tool for monitoring, text mining, analyzing, or customer experience management and intelligence, social listening can determine when and how to actively facilitate buyers, users, and followers through to the desired outcome. There […]

What’s a Buying Decision Team? And Why is it Important?

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Buying Decision Teams are your real prospects. They 1. provide the consensus and change management that must be addressed before a purchase; 2. coordinate the details of a need to include each voice involved with a new solution. Without the whole Team assembled, we’re merely hoping we’ve got a prospect, regardless of how targeted our […]