What is Resistance? (Part 4)

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There is a universally believed concept that resistance is ubiquitous, that any change, any new idea, will engender resistance. University programs teach it, Harvard professors such as Chris Argyris have made their reputations and written books on it, consultants make their livings managing it. Yet there is absolutely no reason for there to ever be […]

The Historic Problems with Change Management Models: bias, resistance, and push. (Part 3)

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Historically, we have approached change through information sharing and leadership, assuming with a good leader who is able to explain and offer rational and compelling information, changees will be eager and willing to change – and will know how to process and make use of the information. But given the resistance we get, we know […]

Content Is Not King

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Do you know the point in the buyer’s journey that they read your content? Is it when the assistant hands her boss a stack of articles to help him prepare for a meeting? Has your content ever been used by your competitors? Much content is not being used to enlist trust, brand recognition, gain followers […]

What does your keynote speaker need from you?

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You’ve chosen your keynote speaker. Now it’s time to make sure everything is on track for you to get the speech you deserve. As the client, you are responsible for all of the physical elements of the experience; the speaker is responsible for the content, to make sure your audience takes away what you want […]