Value Proposition

What Promise Does Your Value Proposition Make?

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Your solution, your marketing, your service all promise your customer something whether it’s stated or not. But do you know the promises you are conveying? Do you know if your marketing, branding, SEO, and sales efforts are consistent with your value proposition? Take a look at your website with fresh eyes. Is it congruent? Consistent […]

Executing your value proposition

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You think you offer good value. You work hard at making sure your value proposition is professional. Yet you aren’t differentiated from your competitors. Do you know why? Because everyone else in your field is doing the same thing. Here’s how you can differentiate yourself. Make your value proposition your ability to facilitate buyers through […]

How to differentiate yourself with your Value Proposition

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If your value proposition is your solution or service, you are not differentiating yourself from your competitors. Why not offer a critical value proposition by helping buyers facilitate the behind-the-scenes issues they must handle before they can buy and help them achieve excellence more efficiently. I’m not talking sales here. Sales places solutions and you […]