How to Choose the Best Keynote Speaker

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You need a speaker for your end-of-year sales round-up. You look around: they all sound terrific, don’t they? Their videos seem like such fun. Their topics are terrific. But when they get there, how many speakers deliver exactly what you wished for? And does your audience benefit as you’d hoped?

Is there any way to know, before you begin, that the keynote speaker you’re choosing will inspire your folks to be the Relationship Managers you’d like them to be? Or pull them away from product pushing to offer a real value proposition of facilitating the buying decision? Or teach them how to decrease the sales cycle?

A few questions for you to consider as you begin making a choice:
1. Did the entire decision team discuss their individual criteria so everyone’s criteria gets added in to the list of choice factors?
2. Do you know how to judge the difference between training and a keynote?
3. Do you know the specific take-aways your folks will learn from the speech – and have you given this to the speaker?

To get this right, think about these three questions. And let’s start a discussion.

I’ll be writing once a week about how to choose a keynote speaker. Let’s all discuss this. It’s an important topic that has a huge downside if not handled properly, and a valuable upside when it is. And I look forward to spearheading the conversation.

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