Your Value Proposition Isn’t Competitive It’s Solution-Focused

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Do you know exactly who your competitors are? How many are in your price point, or value point? How do you compete with them in a way that differentiates you?  Competing on the value of your solution makes your value proposition seem like everyone else’s, so to be competitive you must go a bit out of the box.

Here’s an idea. Instead of comparing features, functions, benefits, and price, why not be the sort of Relationship Manager who goes the extra mile. Why not make a feature of your service your ability to guide prospects through the decision and change issues they must address before they can choose a new solution or provider.

All buyers go through some form of behind-the-scenes buy-in and consensus management before they can buy. Unfortunately, the sales model was not designed to handle that hidden end of the buy path, and instead focuses on solution placement. To add a value proposition that will take you outside the competition and provide true service, go outside of the conventional solution-description bounds and use your knowledge of your field to facilitate change.

Buying Facilitation® is a decision facilitation model you can add to your sales skills and begin each buyer conversation by helping them decide when, how, and if to change. Then you’ll offer a value proposition they will remember.

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