Buying Facilitation® Guided Study + Coaching Program

Have you wanted to learn the Buying Facilitation® but have not been able to attend a program with Sharon Drew?

Have you wanted to learn the Buying Facilitation® Method but have not been able to attend a program with Sharon Drew? Study the program designed by Sharon Drew to lead you through all of the material taught in her revolutionary 3-day Buying Facilitation® training.

Sharon Drew has created 26 weekly Guided Study modules that will give you a complete program of lecture, individual study, and homework assignments – approximately 3-6 hours of learning in each session – to teach you the Buying Facilitation® Method in your home, or to use as part of a learning group with others also studying the material. The program also comes with a 60-minute coaching session with Sharon Drew Morgen.


Sample of study questions from Week 2

What would you need to know or believe differently to be willing to approach the buyer’s buying decision process as a neutral guide, rather than as a sales person?
*Explain what you understand the differences to be between selling and supporting a buyer’s buying decision:
*How would this shift your belief about your job?
*What would you need to reconsider about your current skill set to know when it was time to add new skills?
*To delete current skills?
*What skills would you need to help you separate out the jobs of navigating a decision and selling a product?

Homework assignment (partial)

Begin to notice how you approach your client conversations. Notice several interactions that exhibit the aspects of control that you use to get the person to:
*Want to speak with you
*Be willing to tell you what you want to hear – data about their company, their problem, their need
*Be willing to listen to you while you share info that you believe they need to understand about you and your company to have them think you’re professional
*Agree to speak with you again

Think about…
*How do you begin each call?
*How do you get into rapport?
*How do you pose your questions?
*How do you listen – just to those bits of the conversation that will tie you and your product into a potential need?
*How do you end each call?
*How similar/different are the responses you get?


The Guided Study is for folks committed to learning Buying Facilitation®. It’s a rigorous program that adds a front end to the sales model to facilitate the buying decision path. It teaches learners how to:
* listen for systems
* formulate Facilitative Questions
* sequence a dialogue to move through a buyer’s decision points.

See the syllabus below, and contact Sharon Drew with questions.
Guided Study Syllabus | Contact Sharon Drew with Questions