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Keynotes |  The visionary behind helping buyers buy & assembling the Buying Decision Team

Sharon Drew Morgen is the visionary thinker on the buying decision capability and developer of Buying Facilitation®. She has trained sales teams in many global corporations in facilitating the buying decision experience. Sharon Drew is the author of the NYTimes Business Bestseller Selling with Integrity.


Sharon Drew has taught over 25,000 sales professionals how to facilitate buying decision. As the thought-leader behind what it takes for buyers to make purchasing decisions, Sharon Drew has taught sellers how to think beyond their solutions and not only teach buyers how get necessary buy-in, but how to determine the buying decision team at the beginning of the solution choice process.


A recognized thought leader and original thinker, Sharon Drew has written 7 books on how buyers buy, including the Amazon Bestseller Dirty Little Secrets: why buyers can’t buy and sellers can’t sell and what  you can do about it. She has published over 1000 articles in magazines such as Leadership Excellence, appeared on CNN and CNBC, has been interviewed in, Inc., Selling Power, Success and Entrepreneur magazine and has a blog that is consistently ranked in the top 10 of all sales/marketing blogs. As the person responsible for adding the focus of buying decisions to sales, she coined the terms Buying Decisions, Buying Patterns, and Buying Decision Team.


Here's a partial list of training clients: Intuit, Morgan Stanley, KLM, IBM, HP, Bose, FedEX, GE, Qwest, Unisys, KPMG, DuPont, California Closets, Cancer Treatment Centers of America.


Partial list of speaking programs: Society of Decision Professionals, Association of Image Consultants, The Art of Sales, National Association of Women Sales Professionals, Institute of Sales & Marketing Management, SMEI - Sales & Marketing Professionals



Selling with Integrity: doing good business by doing business good

So much of our sales model is a ‘push’ technique based on finding prospects who will buy. This can this be manipulative and doesn’t follow standards of ethics, win-win, and servant leadership. We are losing sales because we focus more on the sale than on the client. Based on her NYTimes Business Bestseller Selling with Integrity (noted as the break-out book on ethics in business) Sharon Drew will offer several takeaways to promote integrity, relationship, buy-in and trust to differentiate AND close more sales, to make money AND make nice while making sellers real Relationship Managers and consensus builders.




To learn more about booking a speech , please contact Sharon Drew at or 512.457.0246.



Keynote Topics

Collaborative Listening: hearing others to facilitate communication, creativity, leadership

Conventional models of listening, such as Active Listening, don’t go far enough: they ignore the interpretation aspect of ensuring we hear what others mean to convey. In her ground-breaking work on facilitating communication without bias, misunderstanding, or assumption, Sharon Drew has developed the ability to help us all hear each other so leadership, creativity, management, and all communication

need not be restricted in any way. Let Sharon Drew open your ears and take away simple tools to get rid of unconscious filters and truly communicate.



Selling Doesn’t Cause Buying

The sales model focuses on solution placement. But a qualified buyer must get buy-in from the status quo (management, old vendor's, company politics) in order to buy. Sharon Drew developed Buying Facilitation® to help sellers avoid losing prospects, chasing inappropriate ones, and avoiding over-long sales cycles. Attendees will learn to differentiate between their sales efforts and how buyers

buy, skills to work effectively with gatekeepers and assemble the Buying Decision Team on the first call. Take away ideas to manage the buying decision path! Design initiatives to facilitate the buy cycle at the talk!



Why Buyers Can’t Buy [& Sellers Can’t Sell] and What You Can Do About It

A buying decision must include 1. buy-in from everyone who will touch the new solution, 2. consensus from the behind-the-scenes (and non-solution-related) environment of managers, users and the status quo, or buying is delayed regardless of need. Sharon Drew adds new thinking and activities to be a real Relationship Manager by discussing

the steps buyers must address before they can purchase, and how to assemble the full Buying Decision Team so all decision makers are on board quickly. This session is based

on the Amazon bestseller Dirty Little Secrets. Includes Q&A and innovative activities.





"When Sharon Drew Morgen's work first came to my attention in the 1990s I considered her to be the most advanced thinker, writer, and speaker on selling anywhere.  Now we are well into the 2010s and Sharon Drew is still far ahead of the game. Her thinking remains the best selling methodology I've ever seen and used. It has the power to change lives and utterly transform businesses."

            Alan Chapman, President Businessballs, online learning



Sharon Drew’s expertise:


Sharon Drew   |   Bringing buying decisions to sales

Sharon Drew is the developer of Buying Facilitation®, the decision facilitation model that gives sales professionals an additional tool kit to help buyers effectively manage their behind-the-scenes issues that affect their buying decision.


Sharon Drew is the originator of the focus on helping buyers buy and the buying decision path. Since 1988 she has introduced skill sets to add the ability to facilitate all of the buyer’s internal management issues which are generally hidden from view – efficiently enlisting the full Buying Decision Team, managing the change new solutions bring, getting buy-in – and the sales model does not adequately resolve causing long sales cycles and objections. Would you rather sell or have someone buy? Sharon Drew will make you think.





Training Buying Facilitation®/Helping Buyers Buy

Organizing sales teams to be buying oriented

Script-writing for prospecting/qualifying

Self-guided study in Buying Facilitation®

Buying Facilitation® for marketing automation

Coaching, strategizing, consulting sales teams







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Phone: (512) 457-0246

Testimonials  |  “She threw the gauntlet down.”

"Sharon Drew Morgen changed the way we approach sales. Her ideas are not only insightful and thought provoking, they work - the only approach in the sales field that helps manage the buying decision process that buyers go through off-line. We have been using her process at our firm for 10 years and the approach has helped us consistently grow revenues WITH our clients, in good times, tough times, all the time. After twenty years of writing and speaking about managing buying decisions, Sharon Drew Morgen is   the thought leader behind our new thinking of helping buyers buy ."

Jack Hubbard, Chief Experience Officer, St. Meyer & Hubbard.


"As sales leaders at HP, we thought we knew it and heard it all – until we heard Sharon Drew speak. Not only did she thoroughly entertain and inform us of all things about buying decisions that we never even knew, we walked away with immediate takeaways to begin using immediately. But Sharon Drew Morgen made us all believers! We love her!"

Ted Elvhage, VP Sales, HP Sweden


"Thank you so very much, Sharon Drew. When we brought you in to our Decision Sciences conference, we thought we’d learn a lot about selling our services to our internal clients. But after hearing you, we learned how we all can collaborate and make better decisions together and understand how our clients want to buy. You were terrific."

Dr. Gerald Bush, Chairman Board of Directors at Decision Strategies, Inc.



"When Sharon Drew Morgen's work first came to my attention in the 1990s I considered her to be the most advanced thinker, writer, and speaker on selling anywhere.  Now we are well into the 2010s and Sharon Drew is still far ahead of the game. Her thinking remains the best selling methodology

I've ever seen and used. It has the power to change lives and utterly transform businesses."


Alan Chapman, President Businessballs, online learning


"Thank you Sharon Drew! We love you! Your provocation, your ideas, your style, and most of all your fresh content made us believers!"

Nick Miller, President Clarity Advantage


"Sharon Drew Morgen provides insight and understanding into issues that are many times ignored or misunderstood in the sales process. She challenges all of the assumptions, rules and activities we have learned from any sales method.  Do you want to understand how decisions and change are really made?"

Mary Anrigo, Business Development Manager, Reliance Globalcom UK


"Sharon Drew Morgen lifts the veil on the behind-the-scenes event to help us all understand where good prospects go when they seemingly disappear in the sales cycle. Her approach transforms us all from being typical, gimmick-driven sales people to effective buying facilitators."

Tery Tennant, Attainment Inc.


"Sharon Drew continues to provide the cutting edge thinking in sales. Her points are not only valid, but practical for all executives. I never realized how a buyer really thinks and makes decisions – I do now!"

Reg Athwal, International Presenter, Chairman of RAW Group and OneTVO, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


"'Revealing the secrets to success' is frequently overused, but revealing the secret to why people really buy has been untouched... until now! Sharon Drew Morgen delivers powerful insights and practical thinking that transform not only selling but all forms of decision making. Thanks, Sharon Drew!"

Lee Colon, President, the L Group


"Even being in sales for almost 20 years myself,  got a complete new look on selling and buying after hearing Sharon Drew Morgen. Highly recommended."

Geert Conard, Partner / Marketing & Communication at Tineke's Cucina Belgium