Change Facilitation

Until now, we’ve tried to change behaviors by trying to change behaviors through discipline, behavior modification, and hard work. Leaders, coaches, lead change through action and standard change management practices. Yet these processes lead to failure 97% of the time because

  • behaviors are beliefs in action;
  • behaviors are outputs that would need new input messages/programming and new neural circuits to change them.

Our automatic, mechanical, historic, and unconscious neural circuits generate our behaviors. Until now, we’ve not been able to consciously change them as they’re lodged deep in our unconscious.

To facilitate permanent change, the original thinker Sharon-Drew Morgen has unpacked the steps to consciously generate new neural circuits in two unique and original modalities. HOW? and the How of Change™ learning program make it possible to get directly into the brain synapses to trigger permanent habits, choices, and behaviors.

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