Buying Facilitation® – MP3 series.

Hear Sharon Drew use the Buying Facilitation® Method to introduce different types of sales calls: prospecting calls, customer service problems, fund raising, complaints, and problem solving situations. This series offers a great start in learning how to help buyers maneuver through their behind-the-scenes decision process.

As an addition to sales, Buying Facilitation® will make you a Buying Decision Team member, an influencer, and a Trusted Advisor by becoming a servant leader to the buyer’s change management process. You will actually hear how to support the buyer in navigating through all of the decision issues they must address to get the necessary buy-in for a purchase. Used with sales, you will no longer be out of the loop, waiting for buyers to call back, wondering where they disappeared.

Hear Sharon Drew make live calls using this innovative change management model that goes outside of the sales sphere and firmly into the buying decision journey far earlier than using just sales alone.

Session1: An intro to Buying Facilitation®. Change your thinking. Recognize it’s possible to enter the buying decision journey much earlier as buyers learn how to manage the internal issues that must buy-in to a new purchase. Become a change agent, influencer, Trusted Advisor, and an important – even necessary – part of the Buying Decision Team. This Session will explain how to add a new skill to the front end of your current sales process.

Session 2: Outgoing prospecting calls – Prospecting, Cold Calling and Qualifying. Sharon Drew makes cold calls to demonstrate the most common prospecting situations. She includes explanations as to what she is saying and why, to teach listeners how to begin thinking differently and learn new skills to try on their own.

Session 3: Incoming problem and complaint calls – Handling Difficult Situations. Hear Sharon Drew on the phone solve hard-to-handle circumstances.