How Buyers Buy

Until now, sales programs focus on selling, on placing solutions, assuming if sellers find people with ‘need’ they’ll buy with a good solution and good pitch. Yet only 5% of prospects buy. What’s going on? People don’t self-identify as buyers until they’ve managed their internal, idiosyncratic change management process, until they’ve:

  • assembled all the right stakeholders to understand the full problem set;
  • tried workarounds;
  • understand the risk of change to their culture;
  • bought-in to change.

The sales model alone doesn’t address this and waits for self-identified buyers to show up. Indeed, sellers don’t fully understand what’s going on behind the scenes. But now they can.

Sharon-Drew Morgen, the originator of Buying Facilitation®, now offers a 2-day program based on understanding how buyers buy. With fun exercises and role plays, learners become buyers to experience the elements they must address to self-identify as buyers. This program is available for license.

Contact Sharon-Drew for details.