HOW? Generating new neural circuits for learning, behavior and decision making, by Sharon-Drew Morgen

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We’re at the mercy of our unconscious brains. They determine what and how we see, hear, notice, feel, behave and think. Electrochemical signals zip around our 100 trillion synapses causing our conscious and unconscious activities, making our choices for us. It’s all automatic and mechanical. And meaningless.

Until now, science has not found a direct route to the unconscious to affect permanent behavior change. They say it’s a black box. It was. Until now.

HOW? makes it possible to get into the brain circuitry for conscious choice. It provides the precise skill sets – the how – to:

  • hear, notice, behave precisely as you wish;
  • permanently remove unwanted habits and behaviors and generate new ones;
  • learn new skills efficiently;
  • make effective decisions based on unconscious beliefs and values;
  • facilitate clients, patients, friends through to their best, congruent choices.

Beyond conventional Behavior Modification and disciplined habit-change processes, beyond decision weighting and learning theories, HOW? includes innovative thinking on

  • how brains convert incoming messages to action; how to intervene for change;
  • questions to direct people to long term memory to find unconscious answers;
  • the specific steps of decision making and change management;
  • creating new neural circuitry for behavior and habit change.

Using detailed explanations, fun exercises and examples, HOW? provides tools for personal and professional use, to generate new answers and permanent skills for conscious choice. It also includes the specific steps to Sharon-Drew’s signature Facilitative Questions, as well as the Buying Facilitation® and How of Change™ models.

Now, finally, you can connect directly with your brain to lose weight permanently, listen without bias, and have conscious choice.