Buying Facilitation®: The New Way To Sell That Influences And Expands Decisions, by Sharon-Drew Morgen

buying facilitation

The new way to sell that influences and expands decisions.

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The Buying Facilitation Method® is a new sales tool that is used with the selling model, to facilitate the buyer’s back-end, non-solution buying journey and change management issues first, while helping buyers get the buy-in to make a purchase. Buying Facilitation™ introduces Facilitative Questions, systems listening, presumptive summaries, and a decision sequencing model that leads buyers through all of their pre-purchase decisions. By giving the reader an understanding of the systems and change issues that make-up the back-end of a purchasing decision, it shows why sales alone, without Buying Facilitation™ merely handles 10% of the decision. The book leads the reader meticulously through the phases of how buyers decide at a systems level – ie non-need related – and how they go about managing change to set the stage for a purchase. This offers two complete case histories that introduce the Method and the specifics of how and when to apply the model.

Finally, a sales paradigm which supports our spiritual values and lays the foundation for the paradigm shifts
occurring in business today.” – Ken Blanchard, co-author of “The One Minute Manager”

Until now, sellers have been taught how to sell. But selling is not what’s needed in today’s tough economy. Read
Buying Facilitation® and learn how to increase your business, find more clients, decrease your sales cycles by as much
as 75%, and teach your buyers how to make sense of their buying decisions.

Buying Facilitation® thoroughly explains the systems of how decisions get made. It incorporates the new
business environment we all live in, the complex systems that buyers decide in, and the complex sales issues that need to be addressed in today’s competitive, global environment.

If you can’t answer the following questions, you need Buying Facilitation® :

  • How do you differentiate yourself from your competition?
  • How do your buyers bring all their stakeholders together to make an efficient decision?
  • Just how do buyers make a decision in a difficult economy?
  • How do buyers make a decision to work with a new vendor, or buy a new product?
  • What is the new job of sales anyway?
  • How can you become a valued consultant to your prospect in every interaction?
  • How can you discover if you have a true prospect – in moments?
  • How do companies create brand ambassadors through every sales transaction?
  • How can sellers avoid responding to RFPs – and still get business?
  • How do you create and maintain integrity in every transaction?

Buying Facilitation®; helped me appreciate that selling is really about being of deep service. It is, in fact, a spiritual act.” – Martin Rutte, co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work”

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