Buying Facilitation® Training

Now you can enable the buying decision process in ways that sales alone cannot. By incorporating Buying Facilitation® into your sales skills, you will be able to help buyers navigate through their behind-the-scenes buying journey to resolve the internal issues they must resolve before a purchase.

Training Sessions Offered

Morgen Facilitations offers two types of training sessions. The 3-day Buying Facilitation® program lead by Sharon Drew Morgen teaches Buying Facilitation® and includes 8 weeks of coaching. This program is for those wishing to be immersed in learning. Results are immediate and trackable. The 2-day Facilitating Buying Decisions program teaches the buyer’s decision making process. This program is taught by licensees and teaches all aspects of the buyer’s decision process.

3-Day Buying Facilitation® Program: Course Description, Registration

3-Day Buying Facilitation® Program-download pdf


Taught by Sharon Drew Morgen, the developer of Buying Facilitation®, this 3-5 day program (classroom and real-time phone coaching) is unique in that it works with the learner-participant as if the learner were the buyer. The program teachs learners to make new decisions around their current skills to decide when, if, and how to add new skills to their current sales skills. The learner’s journey parallels the buyer’s journey that buyers must go through during their buying decision process as they determine when, if and how to choose a new solution.

A complex, exciting program, the Buying Facilitation® program is for those folks seeking wholly new skills in listening, question formulation, systems thinking, and servant-leadership. This program may be followed by 8 weeks of individual and group supervision and coaching with Sharon Drew.

2-Day Facilitating Buying Decisions Program

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2-Day Facilitating Buying Decisions Program-download pdf

Taught by licensees who were trained directly by Sharon Drew, this mainstream, easy-to-administer program teaches the learner how to recognize each aspect of a buyer’s buying decision process and offers 6 Facilitative Questions to use with the seller’s pitch and presentation to shorten the sales cycle.

Using the thinking behind the Buying Facilitation® ‘decision facilitation’ thinking, it teaches participants to understand how buyers buy. As a result, buyers can make quicker decisions that incorporate the seller into the solution design. For Information on Licensing please visit: Licensing Buying Facilitation®

For more information and to register for the Licensing program contact Sharon Drew:

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