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What makes you think that your value proposition will close the sale? If I give you the perfect example of one, will it make your buyer buy?

Unfortunately, we aren’t there when buyers attempt to put together their Buying Decision Teams, or the management disagrees about the outcome they seek, or the old, beloved vendor shows up with a partial solution. When managers fight or old vendors show up, our value proposition is useless.

Let’s think of it in a new way. What if our real value to our customers is to help them navigate through the shenanigans that they must address behind-the-scenes to enable them to buy? What if our real value is not to be a relationship manager or trusted adviser focused on solutions but to help buyers address the internal issues they must handle outside of our purview? It’s possible, but not with sales.

Buying Facilitation® is an adjunct to the sales model that addresses the hidden issues buyers have to handle to get the consensus and buy-in necessary for them to make a change. Because purchasing a solution goes well beyond choosing one product over another – and we sit and wait in the shadows while they tackle these political, relationship-based, internal issues. By adding Buying Facilitation® to your sales skills, you can be of greater value than any other sales professional they’ll meet.

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