Ask yourself if you’re an effective Relationship Manager

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When was the last time you defined the role you play, or questioned the activities you perform, as a relationship manager? Is what you are doing making a difference for your clients? Or is it merely a label you’re giving yourself? And what would ‘success’ look like differently than what you’ve always done? Are you adding new skills? Subtracting some? Reviewing them on a regular basis?

Are you merely a sales professional who claims to be a relationship manager to appear to be more professional?

What differentiates you as a relationship manager? Is it your solution? Your service? How do you differ from your competition? Do you know? Do you know what attributes your customers seek and value?

How can you serve your company better? Your solution? Your buyers?

Think about these questions. And consider adding some Buying Facilitation® skills to what you’re offering your clients so you can be a true servant-leader. Imagine if you could help them make their best decisions as part of your mission.

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