Use social media to make YOU your value proposition

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What, exactly, is a value proposition? What if you make You your value prop?

A value proposition differentiates you from your competition. It is a promise to your customers of value – what they can expect from your brand, what your company says it does well, what your product offers. But if you make yourself your value proposition you can promise your customers the best – service, support, care, advice – and go beyond what is expected. That makes you a special individual who actively serves. Why not Tweet about it thus:

As part of X brand, I help my customers get the right people involved for easy implementation.

I’m the go-to person to ensure continued service through the product’s life when you buy X.

You can tell your Facebook friends: I’ve worked for Smith Inc. for 5 years and I see my job as more than a sales or customer service professional. In fact, I see see myself as the go-to person during the life of my products to make sure my customers continue to enjoy our products over time. I want my customers to love our product as they use it and I’m here to see to it.

Of course, use social marketing to promote your solution. But go beyond the conventional. Use social media to make yourself a value proposition and give yourself a name behind the brand. It will elevate you, your product, and your company. You’ll make more money, your company will sell more, you will retain your market share, your clients will be happier, and you will have served.


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