Getting To Agreement

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We all theoretically recognize that everyone has the right to their own beliefs. But in situations where we have great passion (or the moral high ground, as we would like to believe) we have difficulty being generous with those who disagree with us. Wouldn’t it be nice to persuade others to see the world as […]

The Business of Kindness

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With little ability to read during my bout with the flu over Christmas, I listened to NPR. What I heard was hopeful: programs discussing kindness. Kindness – not a word historically associated with corporations, those bastions of male verve – is now being equated with the bottom line. How times have changed. In the 90s […]

Speaker or Listener: who’s responsible for misunderstandings?

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There’s been an age-old argument in the communication field: who’s at fault if a misunderstanding occurs – the Speaker communicating badly, or the Listener misunderstanding? Let’s look at some facts: 1. Speaking is an act of translating what’s going on internally into communication that enables others to understand an intent – choosing the most appropriate […]

We Don’t Really Hear Each Other

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Have you ever misheard clients or colleagues, made erroneous assumptions, and lost business as a result? Have any of your relationships suffered because you misunderstood an intended message – and possibly acted on your misunderstanding as if you heard accurately? We are not always able to accurately hear what others mean to convey. Sometimes we […]


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Until now, we have approached change by starting with a specific goal and implementation plan and seeking buy-in to move forward successfully. While we take meticulous steps to bring aboard the right people, have numerous meetings to discuss and manage any change or disruption possibilities, our efforts are basically top-down and outside-in and end up […]

What is Resistance? (Part 4)

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There is a universally believed concept that resistance is ubiquitous, that any change, any new idea, will engender resistance. University programs teach it, Harvard professors such as Chris Argyris have made their reputations and written books on it, consultants make their livings managing it. Yet there is absolutely no reason for there to ever be […]