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What Is change And Why Is It So Difficult? (Part 2)

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Change is not the problem – we like doing new and different things. What we don’t like is the disruption change causes. And usually, we attempt to create change by pushing new information – new activities, new ideas, new rationale – into what’s already there and hoping the reasoning behind the change request will carry […]

Join Sharon Drew Morgen in her Austin loft for Buying Facilitation® Training

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Hi Folks. Sharon Drew here. Until now, I’ve trained Buying Facilitation® only in large corporations. In October I’m running an intimate Buying Facilitation® program in my home for 10 folks who want to learn or license the model. Dates are:  October 6-8 (sales professionals) or October 6-12 (licensees) Come join me and learn a servant […]

Decision Makers vs. Influencers

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I’ve heard there are 5.7 decision makers for each sale, and ‘unknown’ influencers. Yet there is no difference between ‘decision makers’ and ‘influencers’. If you want to move and your daughter is in her last year of high school, is she a decision maker or an influencer? If your tech group isn’t available to implement […]

Why Buyers Aren’t Buying

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You offer information well before prospects know what to do with it. You offer information well before prospects have assembled their complete buying decision team and have heard all voices to define need. You offer information well before prospects have attempted to decide between a work-around, their current vendor, or the best type of solution […]

Is Your Follow Up Effective?

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Do you attempt to follow up with prospective buyers because they haven’t contacted you when you thought they should? Do you know what is stopping them from contacting you? Or where they are along their decision path – their steps from idea to consensus, from change to choice, that buyers must address – while we […]

Steps along the Buying Decision Path

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The buyer’s route to a purchase starts before they consider a solution. Idea stage. Fred has an idea that something needs to change. Fred discusses his idea with colleagues. Fred invites colleagues to meet and discuss the problem, bring ideas from online research, consider who to include, possible fixes, and fallout. Groups formed. Consideration stage. […]