Value Proposition

Get the Yes: Winning Funding, RFPs, and Grants

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When we seek funding or respond to an RFP, our proposals meet the criteria requested, presenting well-positioned information to persuade the decision makers to choose us. But winners are chosen by some mysterious set of criteria not only unknown to us, but often unknown to them. I began thinking about this when a friend told […]

Getting To Agreement

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We all theoretically recognize that everyone has the right to their own beliefs. But in situations where we have great passion (or the moral high ground, as we would like to believe) we have difficulty being generous with those who disagree with us. Wouldn’t it be nice to persuade others to see the world as […]

The Business of Kindness

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With little ability to read during my bout with the flu over Christmas, I listened to NPR. What I heard was hopeful: programs discussing kindness. Kindness – not a word historically associated with corporations, those bastions of male verve – is now being equated with the bottom line. How times have changed. In the 90s […]

Seeking funding? Have Investors Choose You Over The Competition.

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You’re a smart entrepreneur with a savvy team. Your widget will make millions. You started up with a few bucks your friends gave you but now you need funding. Do you know how an investor will choose to fund you over others? The answer is you don’t know. Instead of relying on a great presentation […]

Social Listening: Are We Really Hearing Our Customers

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Currently we’re merely listening for what we want to hear, thereby restricting the full potential of social listening. As more than merely a tool for monitoring, text mining, analyzing, or customer experience management and intelligence, social listening can determine when and how to actively facilitate buyers, users, and followers through to the desired outcome. There […]