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Can Collaboration Work?

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We enter into collaborations assuming we’ll succeed as teamwork partners. Yet we rarely achieve true partnership: Because we listen uniquely and through biased filters we sometimes mistakenly presume intent or misconstrue what’s been said and agreed upon. Problem: Flawed assumptions, wasted time and relationship capital, and restricted scope. There is often not enough diversity to […]

Seeking funding? Have Investors Choose You Over The Competition.

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You’re a smart entrepreneur with a savvy team. Your widget will make millions. You started up with a few bucks your friends gave you but now you need funding. Do you know how an investor will choose to fund you over others? The answer is you don’t know. Instead of relying on a great presentation […]

Stop Trying To Make Appointments: You’re Losing Business

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When you attempt to make an appointment as a way to ‘get in front of’ a prospect, you are throwing away approximately 40% of good prospects:  they don’t know why to meet with you, regardless of whether or not they have a need. You will get rejected by approximately 90% of those you call for […]

Make a difference as a relationship manager

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Do you call yourself a relationship manager because you want to avoid the term ‘salesperson’? Do you think the terms are interchangeable? You can actually use the term ‘relationship manager’ to differentiate yourself from your competition and make it your value proposition. Instead of doing what everyone else is doing – being kind, caring, responsible, […]

Does the term Relationship Manager inspire trust?

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Sales professionals currently call themselves Relationship Managers. What does this give us that we didn’t have as sales people? Does it change our jobs? Nope. We just expect to be perceived as more caring, or more professional. Here’s the problem: sellers do a fine job of understanding need, presenting solution data, following up, and closing. […]

What to expect from a keynote speaker

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Like every group who brings in a keynote speaker, your needs are unique. You want someone to motivate your successful team to be even more successful; you want new ideas to excite the imagination of a newly formed team; you want a subject matter expert to incite and inspire a group moving on to new […]