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Stop Trying To Make Appointments: You’re Losing Business

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When you attempt to make an appointment as a way to ‘get in front of’ a prospect, you are throwing away approximately 40% of good prospects:  they don’t know why to meet with you, regardless of whether or not they have a need. You will get rejected by approximately 90% of those you call for […]

What’s a Buying Decision Team? And Why is it Important?

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Buying Decision Teams are your real prospects. They 1. provide the consensus and change management that must be addressed before a purchase; 2. coordinate the details of a need to include each voice involved with a new solution. Without the whole Team assembled, we’re merely hoping we’ve got a prospect, regardless of how targeted our […]

Think Out of the Box with Buying Facilitation®

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There has always been a divergence between how seller’s sell and how buyer’s buy. That problem is the bane of a sales professional’s existence. For decades, I have been closing that gap by training the Buying Facilitation® model I’ve developed to sellers to help buyers facilitate their beginning-to-end buy path – from • idea, to […]

Do You Really Need A Keynote Speaker?

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You’re having a conference. You want to keep the troops happy, inspired, creative. You’re thinking of bringing in a keynote speaker. But is that the best choice? Obviously there is the cost, the time to vet the proper one – do you use a speaker’s bureau or use referrals? – the resources needed to set […]

Do you want to use a Speaker’s Bureau?

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How will you choose your next keynote speaker? From Google searches? From recommendations? From a speaker’s bureau? You need the right speaker regardless of the route you use to find him or her. This article discusses what a speaker’s bureau provides. WHO DO THEY REPRESENT? Only a small percentage of keynote speakers are represented by […]

Choosing the right keynote speaker

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Like every group who brings in a keynote speaker, your needs are unique. You want someone to motivate your successful team to be even more successful; you want new ideas to excite the imagination of a newly formed team; you want a subject matter expert to incite and inspire a group moving on to new […]

How to Choose the Best Keynote Speaker

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You need a speaker for your end-of-year sales round-up. You look around: they all sound terrific, don’t they? Their videos seem like such fun. Their topics are terrific. But when they get there, how many speakers deliver exactly what you wished for? And does your audience benefit as you’d hoped? Is there any way to […]


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Did you miss me?? I only kind-of retired. God knows I tried. I really did. But I found myself sitting on my couch crying for days, thinking I was useless, that I’d wasted my life and hadn’t made a difference in the world. After a few days of this nonsense I had an idea for […]