How Buyers Buy

Help Buyers Buy: Facilitate The Buy Path, Then Sell

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Your solution is the last thing a buyer needs. Literally. The sales model is a solution placement model. It does a fine job assessing needs, pitching, presenting, and placing solutions. Yet we close no more than 7% of prospects from first call, spend huge amounts of money creating presentations, sites, and marketing materials bring that […]

Stop Trying To Make Appointments: You’re Losing Business

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When you attempt to make an appointment as a way to ‘get in front of’ a prospect, you are throwing away approximately 40% of good prospects:  they don’t know why to meet with you, regardless of whether or not they have a need. You will get rejected by approximately 90% of those you call for […]

Social Listening: Are We Really Hearing Our Customers

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Currently we’re merely listening for what we want to hear, thereby restricting the full potential of social listening. As more than merely a tool for monitoring, text mining, analyzing, or customer experience management and intelligence, social listening can determine when and how to actively facilitate buyers, users, and followers through to the desired outcome. There […]