Diversity And Bias: How to Hear ‘Different’ People Differently

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We all recognize diversity is important yet difficult to attain. We recognize that with diversity we’re capable of creating all that’s possible; without diversity we limit who gets heard, who gets to lead, what knowledge we deem important, what we teach our children. Indeed, mis- and underrepresenting categories of people cost an unimaginable price in […]

Assumptions: Why Being Right Is Wrong

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While researching my new book What? I discovered that when listening to others, we naturally assume we understand what’s meant and don’t question our assumption. Yet the filters our brain uses to hear what others mean to convey preclude accuracy, leading to faulty assumptions. Essentially, here’s what happens that makes accuracy so difficult (for more […]

Speaker or Listener: who’s responsible for misunderstandings?

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There’s been an age-old argument in the communication field: who’s at fault if a misunderstanding occurs – the Speaker communicating badly, or the Listener misunderstanding? Let’s look at some facts: 1. Speaking is an act of translating what’s going on internally into communication that enables others to understand an intent – choosing the most appropriate […]

We Don’t Really Hear Each Other

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Have you ever misheard clients or colleagues, made erroneous assumptions, and lost business as a result? Have any of your relationships suffered because you misunderstood an intended message – and possibly acted on your misunderstanding as if you heard accurately? We are not always able to accurately hear what others mean to convey. Sometimes we […]